Woof Woof Chilli-Piper here

Woof Woof Chilli-Piper here.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my first blog.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.

My fur parents Lois & Barney both Jack Russell’s decided they wanted fur babies; their human parents Sharon & Steve from Narromine New South Wales were over the moon. Being the only girl in the litter, I knew I had to be a tough nut straight away, I had to keep up with my brothers.

Sharon & Steve are good family friends of my awesome human parents, you may know them as Nicole & Adam. When my human parents heard I was on the way, we were destined to be together.

I first met mum and dad in May 2016, apparently, I was a little cutie, I showed them I was a big girl though who could keep up with my brothers. Mum and dad stayed for a couple of days and got to know my fur parents and brothers, I am so glad they got to meet them, they were pretty cool if I don’t say so myself.

After a couple of days mum and dad said I had to come and visit my new home, little did I know one of my brothers Ziggy was coming with me, you could only imagine how excited I was about this.

The drive home was long, I did not realise but we were going to the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Ziggy and I slept most of the way, we did stop a few times and we got to have a few plays in the park but we were only little and well after a play we needed to sleep, we were worn out.

We finally arrived home and I got to meet my big brother Chopper, a Beagle. At first, I was a little nervous and I don’t think Chopper exactly knew what to do with me.

That first night was awesome, I had a slumber party on mum’s chest with Ziggy, with all the playing that day we were out in a flash.

The next day mum and dad explained to me that Ziggy was going to live with dad’s mum and dad, but I was going to be able to catch up for play dates anytime I liked.

I started to go hang out with Chopper, he still did not really want to know me, but like I said, I just don’t think he knew what to do with me. Over the next few days, I just kept following him, when he would have a nap I would try and lay next to him, sometimes he would give me  quick bark so I knew not to sleep so close, I wasn’t going to give up.

Day 4 in my new home I had won Choppers heart, we would snuggle together, play and run around, I did find it hard to keep up, my legs were only little you know. Chopper turned out to be the best big brother anyone could ask for, he always looked after me and taught me so much.

December that year mum, dad, chopper, and I all moved to a new home in Beerwah. I did not know at the time but there was a surprise waiting for me, Ziggy lived next door! Omg mum and dad were right, I could play with Ziggy anytime I liked.

Chopper, Ziggy and I had so many adventures. I remember the time mum got home from work, she just started laughing at me, I really did not understand why she was laughing at me, but hey if mum was happy that is all good right? That day while Chopper had a nap, I lay next to him, I think I got a little bored as I started to chew the edge of the bed. When mum got home, she saw that I had chewed the edge of the bed and the fluff had gone everywhere, I was having so much fun, how I was to know that would happen. 

Not long after mum and dad put a doggy door into the side fence, this meant that Chopper and I could pop over and see Ziggy anytime we liked and vice versa. They also put a doggy door in the laundry door, this meant I could come inside and go outside whenever I liked as well, now let me tell you, that is living the dream. You can see who owns this house right?

In 2018 I started to see Chopper was getting older, he could not play like he used to, but let me tell you he never missed dinner. At 5:30pm like clockwork he would speak to mum and dad and next you know dinner would arrive, he always made sure we never missed dinner, gee he was awesome.

Chopper started to show me how to be top dog, he told me it was a huge responsibility and that I would have to look after mum and dad. Being a puppy was cool, I got to do all the fun stuff, Chopper looked after the rest, I did not really have to worry much, he told me that was all going to change soon. I had to get my big girl booties on.

I was a quick learner, I think Chopper was proud of how quick I learnt and took on the responsibility, it meant he could rest a bit more during the day, I could see he was tired.

June 2019 the best and worst day of my life, Chopper went over the rainbow. I will say we had a pretty cool day together, we went for a short walk, Chopper had trouble walking to far these days, went to the park and spent lots of time with mum and dad, I could tell mum and dad were sad. I made sure Chopper knew I would look after the family and that he had taught me well. I will never forget when it happened, I had gone to visit Ziggy so Chopper could have mum and dad to himself for his final goodbyes, but the moment the rainbow took him I got back to mum and dad, it was worse than I had ever imagined, nothing could prepare me for that, they were shattered. I tried to make them laugh, I was dancing around, barking etc but nothing was working, mum told me, no Chilli not now. This was that moment Chopper told me about, he said “you may need to let them cry” so this is what I did, I sat next to them and let them cry. Not long after mum gave me the biggest hug in the world.

The next couple of weeks was hard, I missed my brother so much. Mum and dad would go to work but when mum would get home her and I would snuggle and on weekends we just snuggled, I now got to sleep in the bed with mum and dad. Since that day I really have not left their side.

Few months later mum took me to the vet for my annual check-up, got the full tick of approval, I am in amazing health. I did hear the vet tell mum though “you need to decide whether you want her to be a dog or a human” mum said to the lady she understood.

When we got home, mum had a chat with me and said that she wanted what was best for me and that she needed to let me be a dog. Mum told me she was so proud of me for looking after her, but it was time for me to play and have fun again. Since that day I have been helping mum start Pets Furever, in memory of the amazing Chopper.

So, as you can see, I am really the one running the show here. I have been testing out foods, toys, and accessories, gee it has been a pretty awesome last year.

Each week I am going to stop by and say hi and keep you updated with my adventures, the new fur babies I have met along the way and the new things I have tried.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and I look forward to meeting each of you.

Chilli-Piper xoxo

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Shirley Sagar

Beautiful story, and yes Chopper was amazing and so are you. Your human parents certainly know how to look after you and keep you happy and healthy. Looking forward to hearing all your adventures.