Pets Furever is for pets that are family, not just pets. Pets Furever was established in honour of our best friends, Beagle, Chopper Purvis and Jack Russell, Chilli-Piper Purvis. Chopper found his rainbow, June 14th 2019. Today Chilli-Piper works with us in being your one stop shop for your fur baby. We understand in this crazy busy world today how hard it is to keep up with everything and ensuring that your fur baby is well looked after at the same time. For this reason we want to be your one stop shop for everything from accessories, boutique vacation stays, to being here when you just have questions and being apart of helping you start your new family with your dog or cat.

If there is something of interest to you for your fur baby that we don’t have an answer for or you can not find on our pages, please let us know via personal message and we will endeavour to find and supply for you. Since Chopper found his rainbow our goal has been to supply quality at reasonable pricing, we want to share the love of having your pets apart of your family rather than being to expensive and them just staying as pets.


The Complete Inspiration

Chilli-Piper Purvis

Quality Assurance Specialist

Hi, my name is Chilli-Piper, I am the most adorable, smart, playful Jack Russell dog around, if I do say so myself.

I am originally from Narromine, New South Wales, I now reside in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, yes, it is definitely warmer here!

I am extremely loyal, I love following my mum around all day, we do lots of adventures together. I like to play with my brother Ziggy and I have started to make a lot of friends along the way. I previously had trouble making friends, the other dogs just scared me, but mum taught me some social skills and now when I see other dogs that are scared, I try to help them as well.

My favourite thing to do is going to the beach, I just love this. Mum lets me run around with the other dogs, I get all sandy, that’s ok cause mum cleans me up after, oh I love the beach.

When I am not being the active Jack Russell that I am, I love curling up on my mummies lap, even when she is working, I really do like sleeping as well.

I am extremely excited about Pets Furever, my main role is to test all the products for all my other dog friends. Some products have been great and others, well lets just not go there hey… but you can rest assured I am giving the products a full working over for you.

Nicole & Adam Purvis

Assistants to Chilli-Piper

Meet the team Nicole & Adam Purvis

Nicole originally from Penrith New South Wales and Adam from Narromine New South Wales, met in 2002. They relocated to the Sunshine Coast December 2004.

Servicing the property industry for over the last 20 years each, Nicole a property manager and Adam a property valuer decided to follow their passion and Pets Furever was formed.

Having no children, fur babies are their children and they understand the love that your pets can bring you. Each and every day their lives are about the fur babies.

Today together with Chilli-Piper, their CEO, they are excited to bring their online pet store to you, offering free personal delivery to the Beerwah, Landsborough, Glass House Mountains and Peachester areas. They also offer doggy day care, pet walking, vacation stays and new pet consultation.